REVIEW: Zomlings Series 6

Zomlings are a highly collectable range of colourful and unique zombie-based characters, all at pocket-money prices which make them great for children to collect – and a good incentive to accompany Mum and Dad to the shops! Zomlings have shifted forward in time for Series 6, called Zomlings in the Future giving a lovely new aspect to this collectable series. It includes hi-tech new vehicles and a futuristic new world, with over 100 brand new characters for children to collect. These new Zomlings live in special capsules that can fly across the skies and they have new types of Zom-Mobiles with advanced Zom-tastic technology for extra speed!

We received a fabulous boxful of goodies to review, which contained a starter pack (£4) – I really recommend that you get this to start off with as it contains a guide map, a Zom-mobile, a shiny metal capsule and 3 Zomlings to get the collection off to a great start. We also received 10 blind bags which each contain a single Zomling (50p), 3 capsules (with 2 Zomlings) (£1.50), a blister pack which includes Zomlings and Zom-mobiles (£8) and, finally, 3 blind bags with a Zomling plus Zom-mobile in each. Series 6 includes 6 Ultra Rare (silver) and 3 Limited Edition (gold) Zomlings. Also look out for limited edition Gold Zom-Mobiles! Zomlings are suitable for 4 – 7 year olds. I like the fact that these new toys include some larger packs which are good to treat children to as gifts. These include the Magic Trick School (RRP £5), Pirate and Race Blister Packs (RRP £12 each) and the Crazy School Bus (RRP £25).Zomlings are a great way to encourage imaginative and collaborative play (good for swaps too!), as with so many different items to play with, the variations are endless. These cute creatures look super on a display shelf too. Readily available, they can be bought from Co-op, One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and a variety of other newsagents and toy stores across the UK. Follow Zomlings on Twitter.   You can find out all about Series 6, and watch a video, here.

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