REVIEW: Yummikeys Teething Toy

Yummikeys original keys for babies are an exciting and unique sensory toy, designed and manufactured in the UK from stainless steel. Yummikeys come beautifully presented in a ribbon wrapped carton and have their own brushed cotton bag, you feel like you have purchased a gift, not a toy, the high quality and thought that has gone in to the product is very apparent from the start.

We were very excited to be reviewing Yummikeys, having 3 children myself and knowing lots of family and friends with babies, they have all seemed more interested in the bunch of house keys than the dozens of toys bought to entertain them! Yummikeys come as a set of 3 different shaped keys – zebra, crocodile and elephant, held together by a chunky keyring. This makes them really easy for babies to pick up themselves and hold on to. They are made from stainless steel (like your cutlery is) so they are perfectly safe for babies. The stainless steel is naturally bacteria resistant so the keys are hygienic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is also very strong so the Yummikeys will last without breaking even if dropped or thrown.


I tested the Yummikeys on my 9 month old, who has yet to cut her first tooth, but is very nearly there! They were an immediate hit, as soon as I jangled them in front of her she beamed at me and grabbed for them. They went straight to her mouth and to be honest, she barely put them down for the rest of the afternoon. They make noises like a real bunch of keys so they are fun to shake around and the keys are polished so they have a reflection which your baby will find fascinating to look at. The metal is soothing to your baby’s gums and each key has a different and interesting texture.


Yummikeys are aimed at babies aged 6 months and over who can sit unaided. They are a unique toy and we love the fact that they are made in the UK. Yummikeys now offer an engraving service, which I think is a lovely way to make them in to a keepsake, or if you are looking to buy a gift for someone then these are absolutely ideal. Yummikeys retail at £29.50 and can be purchased from the Yummikeys website here. For more information they can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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