REVIEW: – “A Psychologist in Your Pocket”

WeParent is a new website promoting positive mental health in children and aims to help parents and children by providing fun and interactive strategies to tackle a wide range of issues, such as sibling rivalry and social skills.

As a parent you might find that you always deal with a certain situation in the same way all of the time, maybe through habit, maybe because you have never really considered dealing with it in any other way, or maybe just not knowing where to start in order to sort out the issue at all. WeParent teaches you how.

From the top menu you will find the ‘categories’ tab, this will take you to a page with 5 main categories:


Friendship & Social Skills


Positive Sense of Self

Sibling Rivalry

Each category has a number of modules, if I take a look at ‘Sibling Rivalry‘ there are 8 modules within this category with the following subjects:

Sharing, Managing Jealousy, Managing Envy, Developing Empathy, Learning Perspectives, Positive Sense of Self, Managing Disagreements and Consideration.

For the purposes of this review I have chosen to delve in to ‘Managing Disagreements‘; a topic I imagine would be useful for many households with two or more young children. The page starts off by describing the module and on the right hand side you will find out what you will be learning e.g. ‘Know when to step in and when to let your child sort out their own disagreements’.

We then find out ‘How it Works‘. Firstly you are taught how to understand the psychology of conflict resolution through Fun Facts, secondly you are shown how to teach your child conflict resolution skills.

The facts are really interesting and are clearly explained. They are written in a straightforward way and you are not given too much information in one go, they are bite-size chunks which are easy to take in, process and remember. The strategies go in to much more depth for each subject with ‘How‘, ‘Fact‘, and an ‘Activity‘ with four steps to follow (for this particular subject). After this there is ‘Review Time‘, this gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you and your children have achieved so far, along with the responses that you would ideally be getting from them. You are also helped along the way with ‘Top Tips‘ which include encouraging your children to listen to each other when they offer solutions to the disagreements and praising the efforts they are making.

Next up is ‘Roadblock‘, this is a great part of the process as you have read all the information and followed the strategies, yet no-one has come up with a solution. WeParent realises that all children are different and some may need more time or different strategies in order to come up with a resolution. After this you can follow the next steps and tips for effective disagreement resolution. There is a strong focus on communicating with your children so that you can work together to sort problems out. By the end of the module you will have been able to find and work with a solution that works for all of you.

The modules and strategies can be done at your own pace, there are no time limits and it can be tailored to suit you and your family. WeParent is backed by 40 years of psychology, but it is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and put in to practice. It covers all the things that so many parents would find exceptionally useful and you will find that you start to look at your child’s point of view, as you are now beginning to understand the psychology behind the behaviour.

The WeParent website is clearly laid out and very easy to navigate, it is informative and well thought through. As a parent of four young children myself I have found this to be a fantastic tool and I will definitely be recommending it to others. There are plenty of parenting books and websites around but WeParent does something very different, it teaches parents about the psychology behind a child’s behaviour and shows them how to approach and tackle a range of issues. By doing this you can teach children the skills to cope positively with life and prevent them from suffering mental health concerns later in life’.

Take a look at the WeParent website to find out more. For full access you can subscribe to WeParent for just £6 per month or you can save and pay £60 for one year. WeParent have kindly offered Parents in Touch 10 free subscriptions, we will be offering these in our May giveaways so keep a look out for them!


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