REVIEW: Write Size – Writing Tools for Children

Writesize “are on a mission to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for children to learn to write confidently. Our unique writing and colouring pencils have been specifically designed for a child’s hand. They have a wider diameter to allow for better grip, a softer core so less pressure is applied and a shorter length promoting greater control. Our Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Books will help your child learn letter formation, build letter familiarity and establish a solid writing foundation.” Learning to write – and finding it enjoyable and rewarding – is a key part of learning skills and an essential one, even in our technological age. We were thrilled with the products we received, which will really benefit children. The writing pencils are designed to help children learn and improve their writing skills. Encouraging the correct writing skills from the outset prevents the development of bad handwriting habits. Write Size pencils come in three sizes: 2-6 years, 6-10 years and 10+ years. Being shorter than normal pencils (and becoming longer through the age range), the pencils fit easily into children’s hands, without the lack of balance often felt with full length pencils. They are easy to grip too, giving good control. All the same benefits are found in the erasable Colouring Pencils, which come in a range of vibrant colours (12 in a pack). The wider diameter is perfectly sized to enable a child to grip and control correctly, making colouring more enjoyable and less tiring. The fact they are erasable is a great boon, encouraging children to experiment, and building confidence.  Writing Book 1 helps your child become familiar with the alphabet by allowing them to trace and practice letter formation. There is a full page per upper and lower case letter, showing how to form each letter, and with lots of rows for practice. The ring binding means the pages are easily lie flat. Writing Book 2  has been developed to continue from Book 1, helping your child build on their new skills to begin writing words with a fun colouring section on each page. We also received motivational stickers and an attractive and colourful Double Barrel Eraser/sharpener combination. Moving on, we were also sent erasable colour pencils for ages 6 – 10 which are perfectly sized for these older children, and sets of pencils for 6 – 10 and 10+, nicely scaled to suit growing children. These are excellent products, eminently practical and perfect to encourage good writing skills right from the outset. All these products can be purchased directly from Writesize.

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