REVIEW: Word Bandit from Drumond Park

Be prepared for a head full of words with this fun game – your brain will be spinning! The teams take it in turns to take on the one-armed Bandit across different categories to find words, names, celebrities and more. Children will love playing with the wacky one-armed bandit, which offers a really fun element to the game. The great thing is that the game features four easy word games, giving plenty of variety and making the game good value. The game can be played in two teams of any number, or by two individuals; we found it worked well to play as teams initially, then children are happy to play on their own once they have grasped the rules. The game uses from one to four rows of random letters to either find famous people, think up words in well-known categories, find things that ‘begin with’ (such as boys’ names) or spot short words spelled out by the letters on show. If the face of the Word Bandit appears instead of a letter then your team has one letter less to play with on that turn! The rules are easy to follow and there’s a sand timer included so nobody takes too long over their go.

With lots of different ways to play, you can choose just what will suit your family. More answers mean more points so the aim is to be as quick as possible and race round the board to win the game – and we found that children can be quicker than adults! The game is suitable for players of 8+. It’s a super game for the family to share and an excellent way to develop children’s vocabulary and thinking skills. Drumond Park would love to hear how you get on through social media using #wordbandit.

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