REVIEW: Wooden Tangram Puzzle from Toys of Wood Oxford

There can be few of us who didn’t enjoy a Tangram set as children – and they still appeal to all ages with their bright colours and tactile feel. They have to be wooden, of course, for that authentic feel! This set of seven pieces, packed into a colourful box, can (amazingly!) be used to create over 200 patterns – mind games to keep children and adults happily engaged for hours! But if you really need some help, there’s a useful leaflet included illustrating the patterns with solutions. The colourful box and comprehensive leaflet make this an ideal gift, and it stores away neatly too. There are many educational benefits from this simple toy – imagination, creative thinking, problem solving and maths (as well as introducing geometry). The Tangram set is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints; it is really well made and very satisfying to play with. It’s good to know that all wooden toys by Toys of Wood Oxford conform to toy standards and are tested by the seller’s own or friends’ children, and we are really pleased to be working with this excellent company to highlight their superb products. In today’s throw-away society, high-quality wooden toys are very relevant and encourage an appreciation for good craftsmanship.

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