REVIEW: Wooden Stacking Rings & Counting Game from Toys of Wood Oxford

This sturdy and brightly coloured wooden stacking/counting toy comes complete with 45 rings. There are also 10 detachable numbered tiles which are coloured to match the colours of the rings and slot neatly into spaces in front of the posts for the rings; a finger slot is cut into the tiles to make them easy for little fingers to extract. One thing that immediately struck me was the inclusion of zero as one of the numbers – this is rarely seen but is a great addition to a counting toy, ensuring the concept is part of children’s counting from early on; it also means the tile can be added to the other numbers to extend counting to 10, 20, 30 etc. Children’s manipulative and fine motor skills will be developed by using the rings and stacking them, and colour recognition also learnt. The toy offers plenty of opportunities for adults to develop their child’s learning, through asking them to sort colours, count out rings or match the number on the tiles to the rings, for just a few examples. The base includes dot counts for each number under the tiles. The pegs are all different, appropriate, heights and this makes stacking the correct number of rings easier for younger children, and they will learn the concept of taller and shorter – or they will just enjoy making pretty colour patterns! With so many rings, all sorts of shapes and patterns can be created.

I love Toys of Wood Oxford’s bright wooden toys – they have a lovely traditional feel that will appeal to both parents and children; the bright colours are durable and just as good as anything plastic – and sustainability is key (and we all know the importance of reducing plastics use). The toy conforms to EN71, ASTM F963 and CPSA Standards, and is tested and certified by International Accredited Labs. It’s a toy perfect for school and home; its durability and learning value makes it perfect in educational settings. At home, it will be used over and over again and when finally outgrown, can be added to a keepsake collection for future generations. It looks really lovely displayed in a child’s room too.

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