REVIEW: Wooden Stacking Rings by Toys of Wood Oxford

This is a really well designed set for toddlers, with great attention paid to safety and durability. There are five pegs affixed to the solid wood base and chunky rings which are easy for little ones to handle. The chunky rings come in five colours (1 pale blue, 2 dark blue, 3 green, 4 yellow and 5 red) and they match the colours on the base, giving toddlers experience of colour matching. Young ones can count up to 15 as they go and as children get older, they can learn to take away as well as learning the concepts of more and less. The clever feature comes with the flexible pegs which are secured by strong string to the base, meaning the pegs will bend if a baby fell on it – a really reassuring safety feature.

It’s extra fun for the child too, as they ‘ping’ the pegs over… and over… and over. It’s also an ideal toy for developing hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. The toy is suitable for 1 year and up and Toys of Wood Oxford sensibly advise that parents or other adults are present to supervise and enjoy the interaction of children with this toy. It’s a really well made toy, chunky and very satisfying to play with, and the vibrant paint colours make it very attractive.

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