REVIEW: Wooden Stacking Blocks with Numbers from Toys of Wood Oxford

This is another really well made game from Toys of Wood Oxford – they make some exceptionally good wooden toys which have a lovely traditional feel but still appeal to today’s children. This stacking block set has 54 fine beech wood blocks with numbers from 1 to 54 on the ends. To play the game in the classic way, children build a build a tower of 3 x 18 layers, then face the challenge of seeing how far they can dismantle it one by one without the tower toppling over. An excellent way to develop manual dexterity and to encourage children to think ahead to gauge the impact of each action. Other games can be tried, such as one player choosing odd numbers and the other even numbers. Imaginative and inventive children will find all sorts of ways to play with these blocks – how about as construction toys or toppling dominoes? They can also be used for maths games. Children will really need a steady hand to play this and it’s wonderful to see the concentration as they try so hard not to be the one who makes it all topple!

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