REVIEW: Wooden Sorting Box from Toys of Wood Oxford

This is an exceptional sorting toy, which has so many different options on offer. From first opening, I was really impressed with the quality – the box is solidly made from thick wood and everything is exceptionally well painted. The toy consists of a sorting box with 10 slots on the bright red removable lid. There are eight boards marked with categories, each embellished with ten pictures in various categories – numbers, fruit, vegetables, household objects, animals, clothing, shapes and transport; on the back of each board are appropriate name labels, giving yet another dimension to the toy. The illustrations are quite charming and children will respond well to the familiar objects and bright colours. There are 80 small wooden ‘cards’, each featuring one of the same illustrations (again, labelled on the back) The idea is to place one of the boards into the slot on the lid, and then ask the child to find the matching wooden cards to drop the cards into the correct slot. Or just sort the ‘cards’ on the floor. Also included are eight pretty and shiny yellow drawstring bags, which can also be used for sorting. Memory game, sorter, flash cards, conversation starter… there are many ways to use this lovely toy.

How about giving your child one board and asking them to put the words into sentences, or make a story with them, for example. Wooden toys are so much more satisfying than plastic – they have a lovely traditional and tactile feel, to which children respond well. The product was well packaged too, with outer shrink wrapping and also on the toy itself, meaning it is well protected and arrived in immaculate condition. Everything neatly and securely packs away into the box too. I really love this – it’s the best wooden sorting toy I’ve seen and it will be well-loved for many years, and passed down through families too.

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