REVIEW: Wooden Nuts & Bolts Kit from Toys of Wood Oxford

This 30 piece kit is a lovely traditional set. It’s a type of toy familiar to generations and one that has stood the test of time. It’s a great way to introduce the principles of construction kits and the chunky pieces of this wooden set are ideal for children of 4+. The set includes nuts, bolts, building blocks and a screwdriver; many pieces are painted in bright colours (with safe paints, of course). An instruction sheet is included with various suggested models, and children will probably need adult help to get started. Once they have grasped the principles, they will soon be using their own creativity to design and build different models. Many key skills will be encouraged, including manual dexterity, creativity, imagination, problem solving, design skills and perseverance. For some really imaginative play, why not encourage children to build toys or furniture for their teddies and dolls? There are many ways the set can be incorporated into play scenarios; with model trains perhaps. The manufacturing quality is good and there are no rough edges to the wood. Another lovely toy and one that will be used over and over again.

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