REVIEW: Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game from Toys of Wood Oxford

This is a really exceptional fishing game which has so much to offer beyond the standard expectation. The wooden board has shaped spaces for cut-outs of 15 beautiful sea creatures. Each piece has a number from 1 to 15 on the back and these represent the creature’s level in the food chain and the depth at which they are found in the sea. The back of the box shows the levels at which creatures are found as well as naming them, numbers at back to represent their power of the food chain and their depth in the sea. The creatures all fit into a wooden frame which is attractively illustrated and sturdily made. The set comes with two magnetic fishing rods and each creature has a magnetic stud.

There are many different ways to play with this game. Younger children will enjoy playing as a conventional fishing game and this is an excellent way to develop co-ordination and fine motor skills. Either play by seeing who can catch the most, perhaps within a certain period of time, or add to the challenge by seeing who can catch the creatures worth more points – this means children are encouraged to develop memory skills by remembering which creature has how many points. Play with it like a jigsaw, replacing the pieces once the fishing is done. Of course, the toy can also be used to teach children about the food chain in the sea; the fishing board inside the frame indicates roughly the vertical depth of sea and the distribution level of these creatures in the sea. A lovely extension of a popular game which will develop many key skills and encourage children to take an interest in the natural world.

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