REVIEW: Wonder Magic Garden from Canal Toys

Build your own magic garden and watch your tree bloom and grow with this clever set!

What’s in the box?

10 bags of coloured sand

2 bags of magic growing powder

1 bag of slime

6 ornaments for the garden

2 garden tools (rake and scoop)

1 terrarium dome and base

1 arbor

1 tree

1 cactus

1 base

Variety of large and small stones

The set comes with two magics plants – one tree and one cactus; decide which one you want to grow first and follow the instructions to start it off (each plant has slightly different instructions). One bag of magic growing powder is mixed with some water in to the base of the terrarium, you then assemble your tree and slot it in to the cross shape on the terrarium base and wait for your magic tree to bloom!

Decorate the magic garden with the bags of sand, it comes with lots of different colours so you can make it look super colourful and you can use the tools provided to create various shapes and patterns in it. A bag of blue slime comes in the set and it can be stretched to fill the oasis cavity which gives a really realistic looking water effect. The Wonder Magic Garden comes with a great variety of ornaments to put in your garden including a rainbow, unicorn and a llama and some shiny coloured stones in various sizes finish it off really nicely.

The magic tree takes around 12 hours to grow and during this time you will need to keep the dome off the base, once it has fully bloomed you can put the dome on to protect it as it is very fragile. The tree will grow best without any air conditioning and you must be careful not to touch it as it will break very easily.

After a few weeks you can grow your second plant; carefully remove the first one and throw it away, remove any decorations you put in the terrarium base and follow the steps in the instructions to grow your next plant.

The finished product can be placed on display, you can move your ornaments around and make new shapes in the sand to keep it looking fresh!

The Magic Wonder Garden is suitable for ages 8+ and will a little adult help it is very simple to follow the instructions. The finished product looks great and we love that you can make more than one magic plant as this really increases the longevity of the item. Children will love decorating it how they want and it comes with such a fantastic choice of ornaments that really bring it to life. The Magic Wonder Garden retails for around £19.99 and can be found in all good toy shops.

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