REVIEW: Who’s Not in School? by Ross Mountney

Who’s Not in School is the first of two books by Ross Mountney, a former home educator. This book follows Harry for a week, he is the youngest child in a family who are home educated. Harry spends his days going on adventures; sometimes behind the sofa, sometimes in the supermarket and sometimes he likes to do experiments like his older brother and sister do, but he ends up filling the toilet with bricks.  Harry plays with other children from the home educating groups that they meet up with and we learn that he doesn’t just have his adventures during the week, he has them at the weekends too!

Who’s Not in School is illustrated by James Robinson, who was also home educated. The illustrations really appeal to children as there is just so much going on in each picture, take a moment to ask your child what else they can see going on. A lovely book which children will enjoy reading along with you and home educating families will be able to pick up on similarities in their own lives.

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