REVIEW: What a Performance! from Orchard Toys

This is a redesign of this family board game; a game that has proved very popular. The challenge is to perform a variety of noises, actions and activities. The categories are: Who am I? where the player pretends (soundlessly) to be something such as a ballet dancer, aeroplane, cat and so on; Make a noise, perhaps humming or an animal noise; Actions – do what is written. Then everyone else has to guess.

With over 300 hilarious challenges there is plenty of variety in the games, meaning they play out differently every time – and for even more variety and suspense, the magic decoder reveals hidden forfeits. This fast-moving game is excellent for having plenty going on all the time to keep players fully engaged. The aim is to be the first to reach the ‘Finish’ star in the centre of the board… and you get there by making noises, performing actions and making mimes; to add to the excitement, some of the actions have to be performed within a set time, using the sand timer – this is another way in which the child-friendly appeal is enhanced. If you can’t perform your action, you have to perform a forfeit.

What a Performance! is suitable for ages 5+ and for 2 or more players. It’s not a game for the self-conscious, but for that very reason, it’s an excellent way to build up confidence in a safe and reassuring family environment. It’s great for developing maths and literacy skills too, and it also encourages activity as some actions need to be performed, such as touching toes and hopping. A great family game which is fun for all ages – we really enjoyed it.

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