REVIEW: Treat Trunk – Snack Subscription Box

Treat Trunk tell us: “We at Treat Trunk aim to relieve some of the stress of parenting by providing better-for-treattrunk4you, delicious, nutritious and fun snack solutions for the whole family. In each Trunk you’ll find lunchbox, after school and on the go snacks as well as snacks chosen specifically with parents in mind for their health and well-being properties. We strongly believe in self care for parents and having a box of goodness you can always rely on which comes replenished and full of surprises every month is invaluable.” This was really exciting to open and explore! Our young testers were happy to find the pack addressed specifically to them – always a nice touch. Inside, the packets just seemed to keep on coming and they certainly live up to Treat Trunk’s stated aim of being healthy and nutritious. There’s a good balance between savoury and sweet – I’ve mentioned just a selection here. First up was a pot of lime pepper savoury porridge, a carton of coconut water and then a sharing bag of almond biscotti (I definitely recommend these!). Savoury snacks included pear crisps and chickpea puffs. Fruit shapes and liquorice bears were among the sweet treats, as well as a selection of fruit and nut bars. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the organic raw chocolate and hazelnut praline. Some of the more unusual products included halva and plantain bites. As you can see, a fabulous choice. All the items are dairy-free, sugar controlled and vegan friendly, and it’s a real boon for busy adults not to have to check these things – a definite plus point. I was pleased to see generous sell-by dates – sometimes these can be an issue with boxes, but these were excellent for length.

Quite rightly, schools have restrictions on the foods that can be included in children’s lunch boxes. On looking through the wide range of healthy snacks in our Treat Trunk, there seems to be plenty of items that would be good for lunch boxes so this will be a real boon for busy parents faced with creating different and healthy meals every day. The packs are also ideal for family days out and picnics and with such a wide variety, there will be plenty that every member of the family will enjoy. Some were brands with which we are familiar but there were many we hadn’t tried before, so this is a good way to find out what’s available. It’s also a good way to encourage children to try something different. The first picture shows you what we received, but there’s lots more hidden too, so the other pictures give a better idea of the full range of content. If you’d like to see full sample contents lists, take a look at the Treat Trunk website


A range of subscriptions are available:

  • Monthly Treat Adventure – 1 Trunk every month, with 20 – 25 items (£35.99 a month)
  • Quarterly Treat Adventure – 1 Trunk every 3 months (£35.99 every 3 months)
  • Monthly Mini Treat Adventure – 1 Mini Trunk every month, with 10 – 15 items (£19.99 every month)
  • Also available are ‘gift’ Treat Trunks at £23.99 or £39.99 each (all prices correct March 2019)

Click here to subscribe We are really impressed with Treat Trunk; everyone loves a snack! It’s fantastic to find such a wide range of products and so well chosen to cater for every member of the family. Parents have the reassurance that all the products are healthy – and they are delicious, so everyone will enjoy them. A wonderful box to receive every month – I think it would make a great gift too, for anyone looking for a way to treat a whole family.

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