REVIEW: Toucan Box Craft Subscription Boxes

Toucan Boxes are a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8. They have all sorts of benefits to offer your child – and every child is going to be thrilled to receive their very own, personally addressed, package to look forward to regularly. The boxes are inspired by Montessori learning and promote STEAM (STEM subjects are science, technology, engineering, and STEAM adds arts to these). Carefully thought out, each Toucan box is compiled by educational experts to help develop key skills. The boxes fit through the letterbox, and each one contains all you need to complete the projects.

We were very fortunate to be sent two boxes for each of our young testers. The first box contains a royal crown and finger puppets. The crown is ready cut from yellow felt and there are ‘jewels’ and ribbon to embellish it. A pack of crayons is included to colour in the card finger puppets. The instruction book shows level of grown up assistance needed, messiness and drying time – really useful for quick reference. The instructions are very well presented with lots of pictures to help children work alone. There’s much more in the booklet too, making it an excellent resource. There is information about kings and queens as well as plenty of puzzles and activities; I was really impressed by the added dimension and value this offers. The boxes have added value; one turns into a picture frame and the other can be used to create an aquarium – clever. The second box was Racing Jellyfish. Again, a very useful booklet plus all you need to make and decorate the jellyfish, even extending to including hooks to hang them up.


My two young testers (4 and 6) were totally engrossed for several hours – I was thrilled by the way the boxes captured their attention. The 6 year old just went ahead completely independently, and created some super results, really utilising his creative skills. The four year old needed a little help but there was plenty she could do on her own. Once the crafts are created, there are lots of opportunities for role play and imaginative games, giving the boxes lasting value. A really well thought-out box which I highly recommend.

Toucan say: As much as we want children to have fun, to be carefree and happy, we also want them to develop into curious and critical thinking people, to open their minds to new ideas, and have outlets with which to express themselves. Toucan Box is built to be such an outlet, with every process, project, and policy designed to support a philosophy of empowerment, both intellectual and emotional, for children and for parents.


There are three different boxes. Petite boxes contain one project and can be shipped on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Grande boxes contain two themed projects and are shipped once a month. Super boxes contain four themed projects, and are also delivered once a month. Grande and Super boxes also come with a terrific book that compliments the theme of the activities. Find out all you need to know on the Toucan Box website.

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