REVIEW: Totbag Subscription Boxes

I am passionate about encouraging children to get outside and enjoy nature, so I was thrilled to be sent the January Totbox. From packaging to contents, it’s all completely natural and all the activities are designed to encourage children outdoors; but whatever the weather, there’s an indoor element to them as well. Each Totbag includes a mini branded activity bag and everything needed for 3 outdoor activities, suitable for children of 3+. There’s also an informative nature journal packed with guides on how to complete the activities, information as well as additional fun and games, all nature-themed. All the materials are environmentally friendly. The bag is designed to be taken with you whenever you and your child go outside, to encourage collection of natural items, whether related to the activities or not – Totbag reminds us to respect the natural world when collecting these items. Our box included all your child needs to make a winter wonderland, to be home to the owl created from a pine cone, as well as a mould and seed to make a bird feeder. The winter wonderland needs you and your child to go out and collect various decorative items, so use this as a spotting and identification opportunity.

Once you put the bird feeder out, there will be birds to observe and recognise. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and it’s clear to see the passion that goes into these boxes, to encourage children to take an interest in nature; it’s a good support for the KS2 science curriculum too. It’s all packed in a letter-box friendly cardboard box. There are lots of different purchase options meaning there is something for every budget, and offering excellent value. You can purchase a one-off seasonal Totbag (£14.95 + P&P ) or an individual Totbox (£5.95 + P&P) subscribe on a monthly basis, 6 Monthly or 12 Monthly Totbox £34.75-£76.45 with your first month free. Visit their website here. Prices correct February 2019. A lovely way to encourage an on-going interest in nature, with the enjoyment of a monthly box when you take out a subscription, encouraging awareness of the cycle of the seasons.

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