REVIEW: Toothbrushes from Brush-Baby

We received a selection of toothbrushes for review from Brush-Baby, their products are designed to meet every stage of tooth development starting from newborn to toddlers and then on to older children. Read on to find out how we got on…

My FirstBrush & Teether Set

This is set is everything you need to looks after your baby’s dental hygiene once they get their first tooth. The teether is designed for your baby to use as it has an easy grip handle and the bristles are very soft so they will gently clean your baby’s teeth. The flower shaped guard simply clips over the top and stops your baby from putting the teether too far in to their mouth. The accompanying toothbrush is long handled so that you can brush your baby’s teeth and the brush head is small and really soft. It is important that you start to brush your baby’s teeth as soon as they start to show, and the teether can be used earlier than this to help soothe gums when teething. My littlest reviewer is 12 months old and is usually happy to have his teeth brushed, the length of the toothbrush is really handy for being able to comfortably get right to the back teeth and the teether is a good distraction for him too! These two products compliment each other perfectly and are suitable from 0-18 months, they retail at £6.75 – Buy here.

FlossBrush 0-3

This toothbrush is great for little ones who like to be a little more independent when it comes to brushing their teeth. The toothbrush is short and wide with a rubbery Grip’n’Chew handle which makes it really easy to hold; the brush head is bigger than that of the FirstBrush and has both long and short bristles to help clean all the tricky areas between the teeth and gums. The bristles are two different colours which cleverly shows you how much toothpaste to use! My second smallest reviewer is quite a headstrong two year old and likes to take charge, we found this brush really easy for her to use and she lets us brush them for her after she has had her turn to make sure they are done thoroughly. The FlossBrush 0-3 is £1.85 – Buy here.

KidzSonic 3-6

This brush will certainly encourage more reluctant brushers to spend more time doing their teeth; this electric toothbrush for ages 3-6 has flashing lights and a two minute timer to make sure that your child is brushing their teeth for the right amount of time. To use the brush you apply the toothpaste and push the power button on once to put the light on and a second time to turn on the toothbrush, gently move it across the teeth and gums with small up and down movements, when the brush starts pulsing you move on to the next section of the mouth until all four sections (up, down, left and right) have been cleaned, the brush will turn itself off after two minutes. The lights flash different colours for two minutes and the quick pulse is a really helpful indicator of when it is time to move on to cleaning a different area of your teeth. The toothbrush is light to hold which is good as it is designed for younger children. My second oldest mini reviewer is 6 and has mixed teeth and lots of gaps; she is generally very good at brushing her teeth but sometimes doesn’t spend long enough doing them so having the timer that switches off by itself means that they are always getting a long enough clean. She said she loved the flashing lights as they made it really fun and that it didn’t hurt her very wobbly teeth. The KidzSonic brush has the different length flossing bristles and comes with three brush heads as well as one AAA battery that is needed for use and it is £12.95. Buy here.

FlossBrush 6+

This is a bigger brush aimed at ages 6+ and again comes with the different sized bristles for getting teeth really clean. The handle is longer and slimmer than the above brush but still has an easy grip handle as well as a suction base so it stands up and sticks to the bathroom sink for quick and easy storage. The brush is especially good for mixed teeth (milk and adult) as well as gaps and for children who don’t floss. My oldest mini reviewer is 7, he has a mix of milk teeth, adult teeth, wobbly teeth and gaps! He said this toothbrush feels soft and that the bristles move around his mouth more than his normal toothbrush which I think means that the different length bristles are doing their job and getting in to all the areas between her teeth. He also likes the design (we have the purple and orange one with paw-prints on), and the sucker base. The FlossBrush is £1.85 – Buy here.

We have been really impressed with the Brush-Baby toothbrushes, we have been able to try out a great range which have suited every stage of our mini reviewers. Each of the brushes that we have tried come in a range of designs and there are other brushes suited for different ages and stages. Take a look at the Brush-Baby website where you will find their whole range of products which also includes dental wipes and toothpastes.


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