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Time’s Up Party is a fast paced card game in which you have 30 seconds to guess the names on the cards.

What’s in the box?

220 Game Cards

1 Score Pad

Sand Timer


Storage Bag

1 Biographies Book

The game is played in teams of at least two, so you need a minimum of 4 people to play, you then choose whether you will use the yellow or black side of the cards, we felt that the yellow side was slightly easier, but not a huge difference. Deal out 40 cards from the deck between all of the players, if you feel a card is too difficult you can trade it for a new one and once everyone is happy, all of the cards are shuffled together to create one deck.

Round 1 – Speak Freely

One player from a team draws a card and has to try and get the team to guess the name on the card; they can say whatever they want but they cannot skip the card, use rhymes, use words that derive from the word on the card, spell the name or translate the card in to another language. The team can make as many guesses as they like within the time limit and once the word is correctly guessed, it goes face-up on the table and another card is player. Once the time is up, the team pass the deck on to the next team who continue from the current card and play continues on like this until all cards have been guessed. At the end of this round, write down how many cards were guessed correctly by each team.

Round 2 – One Word

This round starts much like the first round with 40 cards in play but now you can only say one word for each card and the team can only make one guess for each card! However, in this round you can choose to skip a card. When the sand timer stops, all the incorrectly guessed and skipped cards get shuffled back in to the deck and passed on to the next team. Play continues around until all of the cards have been guessed and the scores for each team have been written down.

Round 3 – Mime

Well, as the round names suggests, you have to mime the cards! No speaking is allowed but you can hum or make sound effects as your team try to guess the answers. The deck is passed to each team as in previous rounds until all of the cards are played and scores are taken.

Add up the total scores on the score book to find out which team are the winners!

This is definitely a game better suited to large groups of people and it works well with up to 12 people, we have played a few times with between 6 and 8 people and it was easier with 8. The rounds get progressively harder which means that people tend to get more competitive as the game goes on, which always adds an element of extra humour and desperation to guess the cards as quickly as possible! Round 3 is great fun and watching people try to mime the names is often absolutely hilarious, so this game gets top marks for entertainment! We didn’t think that the rules for round 3 were particularly clear as we weren’t sure if we could skip cards that were too hard, and each time we have played there have been a few cards that have been leftover that just couldn’t be guessed, but the rules appear to say that all cards must be guessed.

Time’s Up Party is perfect for larger get-togethers and is suitable for ages 12 and over, although we felt that many of the names on the cards wouldn’t be familiar to younger players and that a suggested age of 15+ may suit better. The game retails at £19.99 and can be found in all good toy stores.

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