REVIEW: The Science of Magic from Science4you

As the name of the set indicates, this is more than just a magic set for fun, but shows how the scientific principles make the magic happen. Children enjoy putting on magic shows and they are a good way to give confidence; with the wide range in this box, several children can join together to give a performance with optical illusions, colour-changing liquids, a magical paper bag and much more. The set comes with a 36 page educational book which outlines the 17 experiments. The recommended age range is 8+; many of the ideas can be enjoyed by younger children with some adult input. The tricks are solidly based in science and, as always, the best way to understand science is through hands-on experience, and this enjoyable set offers plenty of that. Carrying out the tricks will encourage children to question and that leads, in turn, to greater understanding and enhances knowledge. These tricks work well, are simple to do and well explained.

The kit is comprehensive and includes, among much more, protective gloves and goggles (helping children to feel like real scientists and making them conscious of safety), a magic wand (of course!), balloons, food colouring, measuring cups, petri dish and plasticine. All the consumables are easily sourced, so there’s no need to end the fun when the supplies in the box run out – and children may develop their own tricks too. If you want to engage your child with science, especially in view of the current emphasis on STEM subjects, and are wondering how, then try this excellent kit; the ideas are firmly rooted in science and really help children to understand and enjoy the concepts.

“Science4you is an innovative European company that develops, produces and sells educational and scientific kits which aim to improve society’s education levels. Our scientific toys have been awarded on many occasions because of their innovation and use in teaching environments… Science4you’s scientific and educational toys help children to develop a wide range of skills and capabilities such as creativity, concentration, social skills among many others through combining fun with real-world education by fostering curiosity and experimentation… all Science4you toys are included into the STEM toys category as they provide kids with knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while having fun.”

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