REVIEW: The Learning Club Box from Gifts for Little Hands

The Learning Club is for children aged 3-5 years old and their aim is to help your little one to be ‘school-ready’ by giving them the tools to build on the useful skills they will need to know. Each box contains four different activities and an instruction booklet; throughout the boxes all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are covered. Our first box is designed to help with literacy skills; the focus areas in this box are ‘learning to copy some letters and patterns’, ‘giving meaning to marks that you draw and make’, ‘following stories’ and ‘attempting to read and write your name and sometimes short sentences’.

Our first activity is ‘mark making’ – you are provided with a bag of sand, a tray and shape and letter cards. This activity will help your child to start using the correct finger grip along with learning to copy simple shapes. This will also develop coordination and motor skills.

The second activity is ‘first phonic sounds and sight words’ – in the box is a ring full of flashcards that you can hold up one at a time to show your child. It is important that the letters are sounded out in the correct phonic way (there is a video for this on The Learning Box website). Once your child knows the sounds they can start trying to blend sounds together to start making short words. There are some sight words to teach and you can encourage your child to try and sound out words that they see around the house or when you are out.

Activity three is designed to encouraged a love of reading. A book is inside the box (ours was The Three Little Pigs), talk to your child about what the picture is on the front cover, try and find out what they think the book might be about, talk to them about the author and the illustrator and follow the words along with your finger as you read with them.

The last activity is to make your own ‘Lucas the Lion’ (each area of learning has a different character). All the items are included – a wooden spoon, paint, a paintbrush, coloured wool, glue, eyes and a pen. The instructions are easy to follow and your child will enjoy using the finished lion for role play.

I really like how the boxes each have a focus on one area of learning and a variety of different activities in each. The accompanying booklet is a helpful guide for parents as it tells you all about the skills your child will be learning and how to teach them. The box is very much intended to be done along with your child so that you can guide them through the different activities. My mini reviewer loves learning and these activities held her interest well as you can spend as long or as little time as you like on them to suit your child’s attention span. You can keep coming back to the activities to do them again and again.

The Learning Club box is sent on a monthly subscription for £15.00 per month, or sign up for 12 months and pay just £12 each month including postage. to find out more take a look at The Learning Club box website and look out for our review of next months box!

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