REVIEW: The Hair Helper

I have no idea how many hours I have spent over the last few years trying to find hairbands, clips and hairbrushes for our girls. I’m sure we have bought hundreds over the years, yet first thing in the morning they become invisible, only turning up in bizarre places and when you don’t need them! The Hair Helper is customisable storage for hair accessories and we were very pleased to be able to receive one of them for review.

You can choose the frame colour you would like along with a fantastic choice of coloured ribbons for the inside, you can then add lettering if you would like a name on it and a selection of motif stickers to decorate it. The Hair Helper comes beautifully presented and it comes with clips and screws that you can use to make it ready for mounting to a wall. The letters for your name and the motif stickers come ready for you to stick to it and we love that you can personalise it like this.

Three ribbons sit inside the Hair Helper frame and these are used to store your clips, to the right of the frame is a loop which holds a hairbrush and there are two bars on the bottom which store hairbands and hair ties. There is plenty of room for everything so you don’t need to worry about running out of space, you can also purchase ribbons separately so if you fancy a change of colour then you can change the ribbons which is a great touch. The website is really helpful too and you will find lots of info such as assembly instructions and how tangle teaser brushes fit on it.

This has genuinely been a game changer for us, the girls like being able to put their own hair things away and then they know exactly where they are in the morning. I don’t think we even realised that we didn’t have any hair accessory storage until now, hair ties just got put on the nearest shelf and nothing was never kept in the same place! The Hair Helper looks great too, you can see what you have as it is all displayed, so no rummaging around in drawers or bags or blaming someone else for not putting things back when you can’t find them! The Hair Helper is available for £17.99 (lettering and motifs are extra). Take a look at The Hair Helper Website for more information.

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