REVIEW: The Good Toy Guide from Fundamentally Children

Buying presents can often be really hard work, especially when you have children to buy for of different ages and interests. The Good Toy Guide from Fundamentally Children has produced a fantastic guide to help you along the way. The guide covers ages from 0 to 9+ and they are divided up in to four sections so you can focus on small groups at a time. An ‘alternative gifts’ section gives you some brilliant ideas for presents such as subscriptions or gift vouchers for events and experiences.

The toys have all been tested by children, which is fantastic as they really are the most honest critics and the guide has been reviewed by experts and independently endorsed so you know that you can trust the content to be well thought out and genuine. One thing that makes this guide great for us is the key; make decisions on your purchases based on ‘fun’, ‘skills development’ and ‘ease of use’. We really like this feature as we love the toys we buy to hold some educational value and being able to shop by ‘skills development’ is a real help when deciding what to get. You can also shop by budget as the guide shows a price key by each toy, and although many shops have offers and discounts on, this is still a useful tool to shop by; if you use the guide online you will be taken straight to a site that has the item for sale which saves lots of time and searching!

By using this guide you won’t be disappointed by the toys you buy, the time it saves at a busy time of year is absolutely invaluable and there is something for everyone in there. Highly recommended for anyone shopping for children in the absolute minefield of toys that are available out there, pass it on to family members to help them out too!

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