REVIEW: The Curious Dragons – Educational Maths Games

The Curious Dragons is a set of educational maths games, for ages 3-5, its aim is to nurture and develop your child’s numerical and reasoning abilities. It was designed by a highly experienced Advanced Skills maths teacher and is based on the successful ‘Singapore Maths’ method. The Singapore Maths method uses the approach in early years maths of: Touch it! Visualise it! Symbolise it! Inside the box you get five separate boxes numbered from 1 to 5, each box has a different game inside which has a different focus, such as number sequence or number recognition, an instruction sheet is included.

Box 1 – Collect the Eggs

The game consists of 20 egg counters, 2 game boards and a spinner and is for two players. Simply spin the spinner and place the number of eggs that the spinner points to on to your board, the winner is the first to fill up their boards. The instructions give you tips which will help your child with their learning and extra questions that you can ask them so that you can be confident that they are sound in their understanding.

Box 2 – Fill the Nests

For this game you get a game board, 20 egg counters and 6 egg counting cards. Each player takes it in turn to turn over a counting card and then has to place the corresponding number of eggs in the correct nest. The winner is the player with the least eggs left in their pile once all of the cards have been played once.

Box 3 – Number Match

In this game you have 2 game boards and 10 picture cards. There are two ways of playing this game; your child can either place the correct card on the correct number square, or you can place cards on the number squares, some correct and some not, and then ask your child if they are right place. This is the first game with numbers from 6 – 10.

Box 4 – Matching Pairs

There are 20 activity cards in this box and it is a traditional game of matching the pairs by laying all of the cards face down and picking up two at a time to find a match. The cards are not identical though; one card will have the number symbol on and the other card will have dragons or eggs on which match that number. The instructions give 3 additional ways to play this game and we like that it brings in the additional skill of memory.

Box 5 – Three in a Row

In this box there is a game board and 22 activity cards. To play, you each have a set of cards and you take turns to pick one up from your pile at a time and place it on the board with the corresponding number of dots. The winner is the first person to place 3 cards in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

We were really impressed with this set, it is exceptionally high quality and your child will really enjoy getting it out and playing it with you over and over again. It really makes maths fun and the different methods of visualising numbers is a fantastic technique to help young children with their early maths skills. The Curious Dragons is aimed at ages 3+ and could always be used with younger ones who show an interest. The games should be played in the order of the boxes as each game builds on the skills learnt in the previous box. The complimentary activities that the instruction booklet  are a great way of extending learning in everyday life so you can always be learning with your child, not just when the games are out. Take a look at The Curious Dragons website to find out more.

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