REVIEW: Teletubbies Stackable Po

The Teletubbies continue to be incredibly popular and with new ranges of toys like this one, we can see why. The Teletubbies Stackable Po is made up of four parts; three stacking parts in the shape of Po and one base piece that the other parts stack on to.

The bottom piece is a soft cushion with flower detailing and a pole in the middle which has a lovely gentle chime when it is moved. The largest piece of Po is a soft ring which the feet are on, the plush material has different patterns and there is a bell inside the ring which makes a jingly noise when shaken. The feet each have a different patterned material and behind this is a crinkly material which is perfect sensory exploration for babies. The smaller ring again has the super soft plush patterned material and has a small mirror on the front which babies will love looking in to explore and start to recognise their reflection. The head of Po has a knitted style material ring with two crinkly hands, one hand shows star patterns and the other is a silkier plain red colour. Po’s face is a soft plastic, a plush head and patterned ears with crinkly sounds.

The pole in the middle of the base is very silky to touch and it makes it easy for the rings to slide on to it, the two bottom pieces will fit on in any order so you can play with your baby as they learn how to sort them in to the right order. There is a fantastic range of textures and patterns for tactile awareness and the bright colours are very engaging. You can enjoy stacking Po along with your little one and they will also enjoy working out how to put the toy together by themselves as they start to discover independent play.


The Stackable Po is a great size and just right for babies who are just learning to sit as the large pieces are easy to grab and the stacking action encourages motor skills. We love this because it is super soft and a really good quality toy, my mini reviewer was happy trying to stack it with me and perfectly entertained playing with all the pieces separately by himself. From a parents point of view it was also really well packaged, no nasty plastic clips or impossible-to-open packaging, just some string securing it to a cardboard display box. The Stackable Po is aimed for babies of 6 months and over and currently retails for £29.99. You can buy it here from Character Online.

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