REVIEW: Teletubbies 8″ Talking Po Soft Toy

The Teletubbies 8″ Talking Po is a wonderfully soft and cuddly toy. When you press Po’s tummy you will hear a Teletubbies phrase or sound effect. At 8″ tall these soft toys are just the right size for your little one to cuddle, squeeze and carry around. The material is supersoft plush and is a gorgeous vibrant red.

All four Teletubbies are available to buy (Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La & Po) and they are all a very close likeness to the on-screen Teletubby characters. I am very impressed with the quality of this toy; Po has very detailed eyes and the face is also very soft, rather than a cold plastic (which wouldn’t be very nice to cuddle). There is a good range of speech and sound effects so that you are not hearing the same thing on repeat over and over again, and the tummy is easy to press so even younger children will find it simple to play with.

The Teletubbies 8″ Talking Soft Toys are aimed at ages 18 months and over, this is the perfect age as children really start to play with their toys in different ways. My Teletubbies fan loves to give Po lots of cuddles, sit it in her high chair and takes it for car journeys. The high quality of this toy will ensure that it is durable and last through lots of play. Each Teletubby retails for £9.99 and can be bought here at Argos where you can also find 25% off!

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