REVIEW: Sweetpea Pantry Healthy Baking

Cooking with children is great fun and it helps them learn a range of key skills too – not least of which is learning about healthy eating. Sweetpea Pantry was founded by two busy mums who couldn’t find any great tasting ready mixes on the shelves that added nutritional value., so they decided to ensure busy people had access to great tasting, easy options for snacks, treats and meals. Their Ready Mixes are not loaded with sugar (they never have sugar in the top three ingredients) but have plenty of fibre, nutrients, texture and flavour.  The mixes come with all the dry ingredients ready blended, which is great when cooking with children as they often don’t have the patience to ensure everything is thoroughly mixed. They have easy to follow instructions to make healthier versions of your favourite snacks and meals without all the mess, packets of ingredients and the drama!

There are two ranges. The free-from range includes Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix with buckwheat and flax (gluten-free), Super Oat Flapjack Mix with quinoa and flax (gluten-free), and Super-Duper Brownie Mix with flax and teff (gluten-free). The family range includes Playful Pizza Dough with chia and flax, Ginger Giggles Biscuit Mix with barley, rye and flax, Chocolate Giggles Biscuit Mix with raw cacao, barley and flax, and Scrumptious Carrot Cake Mix with oats and flaxseed. We received a pack from each range. The attractive packaging with its muted colours makes the packs stand out from the run-of-the-mill brightly coloured packaging – in a really good way which reflects the wholesome ingredients.

The Super Oat Flapjack Mix just needed the addition of butter and honey (or other substitutes). The instructions are straightforward and the end result was delicious – the sultanas added a welcome extra burst of flavour and moisture.

We also enjoyed the Super-Duper Brownie Mix which was really chocolaty; it includes dates which are a healthy ingredient and which add moisture and richness. You add your own sweetener of choice, so that makes it great for health-conscious families or those with food allergies.

In both our boxes, butter can be replaced with coconut oil for those on a dairy-free diet. Buy online from the Sweetpea pantry website, or from your local farm shop, health food store or retailers including Sainsbury’s and M&S Simply Food. These are great tasting mixes, really easy to use with children and full of healthy ingredients – a super range. It’s no surprise to learn they have won lots of awards!

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