REVIEW: Style 4 Ever Tape Machine from Canal Toys

We were quite intrigued when we received the Style 4 Ever Tape Machine to review as we had not seen a set like this before. Inside the box you get: 1 x tape maker machine, 2 x tape dispensers, 8 x rolls of plain coloured tape, 3 x stencil sheets, 3 x roller stamps, 3 x mini stamps, 3 x sticker sheets, 3 x marker pens and some instructions. We were impressed with the amount of different accessories that comes with it to customise your tape rolls, and the tape machine stores the accessories in different parts along it.

There was a little assembly required to put the machine together but this only takes a couple of minutes to set up and you don’t need to take it apart again. It is really easy to get going and it doesn’t need any batteries, you simply need to slot a roll of tape on to one of the spindles on the machine, find the end of the tape, pull it out a little way and tuck it under the markers on the machine and continue pulling it out until it reaches the other end where it can be slotted in to a plastic ring which will wind it back up for you once you have finished. You can design up to two tapes at a time and once they are ready in place the you can start designing! You can design around 6 inches of tape at a time and once that area is covered you can wind the tape on until it is blank again. Let your imagination run wild with the mix of stencils, stamps, pens and stickers; your designs will be completely unique to you and with 8 coloured tapes there is plenty to be creative with.

You don’t need to design a whole roll before you can use it, there is a serrated cutter that will cut the tape off for you at any point, you can then transfer the roll on to one of the included tape dispensers which also has a serrated edge for cutting the tape. The tape has an adhesive backing, so once you have cut off the length of tape you want you just need to remove the backing and the tape will stick to anything you want. Use the tape to decorate notebooks, phone covers, stationery and anything else you have permission to put stickers on! We think the tape would make a great alternative to sellotape for wrapping presents and would make them really personal.

The Style 4 Ever Tape Machine is aimed at ages 6+ which we think is appropriate as although younger children would enjoy using the tapes, they might find using the machine a bit tricky. You can buy refills for the bits included and the Tape Machine retails at £19.99.

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