REVIEW: Style 4 Ever Marbling Studio from Canal Toys

Rock or stone painting is incredibly popular at the moment and the Marbling Studio will allow you to create some really unique designs. Inside the box you get: 2 x tubes of glitter glue, 135 x decorative gems, 1 x workstation, 1 x brush, 1 x tool, 3 x concentrated solutions, 4 x marbling paints, instructions and 8 x stones (I wondered why the box was so heavy)!

To get started you need to fill half the bowl in the workstation with water, add in a bottle of the concentrated solution and use the tool provided to blend the two together. Choose the first colour you want from the marbling paints and add a drop in to the solution, repeat this with the other colours until you have the colours in it that you want. Use the tool to swirl the colours and create a pattern for your stones. Take a stone and clean it off with a tissue just so that there is no dust on the surface and then dip the stone in to the liquid and hold it there for two seconds. Place the stone the right way up on to the side of the workstation until it has dried, once it is dry you can customise it with the glitter glue and gems included in the box. If you want to make a different style of stones you can put the marbling paint in to the dishes in the workstation and then use the paintbrush to brush your designs on to the stones.

We really enjoyed this set, it is quick and easy to get going and you can buy refills for paint and concentrated solutions included so that you can carry on designing stones. The solution worked well but we thought that some of the stones included were a little smaller than we expected and those that were shown on the box, but you can source bigger ones once these have run out. The Style 4 Ever Marbling Studio is aimed at ages of 6 and over and the set would make a great gift!

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