REVIEW: Styel4Ever Cryst-a-gel Studio from Canal Toys

Make over 20 jewels, including rings, necklaces and bracelets with the Cryst-a-gel studio!

What’s in the box?

1 studio base with storage and stickers

6 packets of coloured gel

6 packets of glitter

2 gem moulds

10 pegs for making holes in the gems

1 applicator gun


2 rings

1 gem decorating tool

2 glitter storage tubes

After you have assembled the studio, choose the gem design you would like to make, place the corresponding mould on to the studio base and place a peg in each of the pendant moulds to create a hole in the gem before you start. The gel colours come in double sided packets and you need to squeeze the packets to mix the two sides together and then make sure all of the gel is squeezed in to one side of the packet so that it can be inserted in to the applicator gun. Once the packet is in the gun, cut the tip off and gently press to fill the gem mould with gel, you can use more than one colour in each gem so your jewels will look completely unique! After you have filled your moulds you can decorate them with the glitter packets, again you can use a mix of all the different colours to create some amazing designs! If you are making a ring, you will need to add the ring in to the gel straight away so that the gel sets around it.

With the moulds you can make 2 bracelets, 10 pendants and 2 rings and there is enough gel to make around 20 jewels altogether. It takes around 2 hours for the gems to set before they can be removed, if they look a little rough around the edges or have an overflow of gel then you can simply use some scissors to trim them and neaten them up. You can now add the thread to make necklaces by cutting it to the required length and threading it through the hole that was made with the pegs.

There are endless possibilities of colours and designs for these gems, they are a lovely size and the gel they are made from is soft yet robust which is perfect for children’s jewellery. Great fun to make and the bits are easily stored away in the studio so that nothing gets lost! Aimed at ages 8+ and this works well as it is the kind of age that can be hard to buy for. The Cryst-a-gel Studio retails at around £19.99 and can be found at all good toy shops.

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