REVIEW: Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Baseplates

Strictly Briks are compatible with all the major brick brands so these Trap and Gap base plates are a fantastic addition to any current brick collections. Inside the pack you get:

2 x Trap and Gap Baseplates 10″ x 10″

2 x Stackable Baseplates 10″ x 10″

15 x Stackers

The Trap and Gap baseplates allow you to set the ramps to go either up or down and you can use the included stackers to go in between layers. You can use the base plates to create a multi-level garage where your cars can go up and down or you could use them to drop the floor out from beneath baddies!

You can use your own bricks on top of your base plates to create a more complex structure, or you can add them to existing buildings. The Trap and Gap Baseplates create endless opportunities for play which encourages creativity, and learning through play. They currently retail for £21.99.

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