REVIEW: Strictly Briks Stackable Rainbow 6″ x 6″ Base Plates

These rainbow base plates from Strictly Briks come in a pack of 12 and measure 6″ x 6″. They are compatible with all the major brick brands such as Lego and Megablocks so they are a brilliant addition to any sets of these bricks that you may already have.

The base plates can be stacked vertically to build some amazing creations, you can also make your own toy storage from them and use them to display figurines and models. The base plates can be stacked using your own bricks or you can use Strictly Briks spacer bricks which are available to buy as part of other packs. The choice of colours is much more exciting than the usual greens and greys that are commonly sold and they allow your child to let their imagination flow.

My mini reviewer has only ever had one small base plate to use his brick toys on and he spent all evening constructing things with the Strictly Briks base plates, he enjoyed being able to build up, as well as use them as a base for models.

The base plates are great value for money, currently retailing at £17.99 for 12.

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