REVIEW: Strictly Briks Classic Creative Building Creatorz & The Cube

This colourful set is 100% compatible with all major brick brands. The first thing I noticed was the appealing colour range of the bricks which include pink, brown, purple, grey and orange amongst others (12 altogether). The pack comprises 60 Multicolored Creatorz with a 6″ x 6″ CUBE Set in blue, grey (not the orange shown in the images) and green. By starting off with the base plates/cube, children can get creating really quickly, with satisfying results from the infinitely creative 3D building possibilities. They can build in any direction or even upside down to create futuristic space ships, mind-bending castles, and much more, extending their imaginations and giving endless play opportunities. The bricks are well made and fit together easily without falling apart, and yet can be easily taken apart for the next creation; Strictly Briks products are built to premium standards and that really shows. They will not easily break or bend, and will give many years of enjoyment. This comes just packaged in plastic bag, but once you have made up the cube it can be used for storage, or otherwise you will need to find an appropriate storage box or keep it with other sets. Strictly Briks are one of those toys that keep on growing and growing – every time you add a new set to your child’s collection, it refreshes the whole thing, giving it a new lease of life.

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