REVIEW: Storytime Magazine

Storytime magazine helps to improve literacy in children as well as promoting a love of reading for pleasure. Each issue is packed with stories, there are no adverts and there are absolutely no plastic toys! Each issue has a variety of different types of stories such as myths and fables, poetry, fairytales, stories from around the world and from different cultures along with wonderful illustrations, puzzles and activities. Reading is so important for children and they will be far more eager to read when they have something they love reading, or love sharing with you.

A first glance at Storytime magazine your child will be drawn to the amazing illustrations on the cover, and they carry on throughout the magazine. A contents list on the second page tells you what you can look forward to over the next 50 pages. After each story there is a box with an activity or questions which will help your child with comprehension skills and they really help to engage your child with the story they have just read or listened to. An example of this is after the fable of The King of Frogs- you are asked ‘in this fable, the frogs learn a lesson about being grateful for what they have. Can you think of three things you’re grateful for? It could be pets, people, places, hobbies or things you own’. Another example can be found in a different issue after a favourite fairy tale, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, where you child is encouraged to learn the verse from Robert Browning’s ‘Pied Piper’ poem off by heart.

Puzzles and activities feature in each magazine as well as ‘books of the month’ and a sneak peek at next month’s issue. The magazine is definitely one to keep so that you can revisit it; children will find the short stories easy to keep interest with and they make lovely bedtime stories to read along with your child. We love the educational aspect to the magazine as curriculum goals include developing reading for pleasure and children learning to understand and process what they read, or what is being read to them. Fairy tales, fables and traditional stories are also an effective tool in teaching morals, or an ethical or common sense message.

Storytime magazine is available on an annual subscription for £39.99 for 12 issues which includes free delivery, which we think is great value. For more subscription options, back issues or for more information, visit the Storytime website.

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