REVIEW: Staccups from University Games

Quick reactions are everything in this fast-moving game that can be played on equal terms by adults and children, making it great for family fun. Speed and hand/eye co-ordination are needed, and these useful skills are developed, in this fast, frantic stacking game.

The objective is to race your opponent to clear all of your cups. The rules are simple and the game very quick to set up. We like the fact that it’s not the youngest who starts (that gets boring for an older sibling) but the player whose colour shows when the button on the spinner is pressed. The cups have to be stacked according to the instructions. When the base colour of your cup matches the top colour of one on the podium, you must stack it quickly, before your opponent takes your chance. There’s no time to relax though, as the game moves on quickly…!

The pack contains 32 brightly coloured Staccup cups and bases and a podium stand spinner. I have seen stacking games played in schools, so any child lucky enough to have this at home will have a head start when playing at school. Staccups is suitable for 2 to 4 players age 8+, although we found a 6 year old was fine with it. Beware – the game can get very competitive very quickly – but that’s all part of the fun! It’s addictive too – we really wanted to get better and better; there’s an advanced game for an extra challenge. A great game with traditional values, that draws the family close while having fun.

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