REVIEW: So Soap DIY & So Slime DIY from Canal Toys

We’ve enjoyed a variety of the So Slime DIY products before so we were keen to try out some more of their amazing range, and what better way to do this than by having a sleepover! Four children (2 boys and 2 girls) aged 7-8 spent the evening making slime and soap! Read on to find out how we got on…

So Soap DIY

So Soap DIY are a new addition to the SO DIY range where you can create your own incredible soaps with a range of colours and characters to collect!

What’s in the packet?

1 scented soap base

1 packet of powder for the frosting

1 tip with piping bag

1 measuring spoon/mixer

1 packet of decorations

1 character topper

The instructions are easy to follow and are illustrated too, you will need to use a small bowl for mixing your frosting up and a spoonful of water. Add the frosting powder to the water and mix until it forms a smooth paste, transfer this to the piping bag where a patterned tip is already in place and slowly pipe your frosting on top of your solid soap base, as if it was a cupcake! Open your packet of decorations and sprinkle them over your frosting and to finish it off place your character on top!

The finished soap looks just like the kind of fancy soaps you would buy in shops, and you get to keep the character once you have used the soap so you can try and collect them all. These very popular at our sleepover and they went down an absolute storm; they are easy to make which was perfect in a setting where children are quite excitable and on a sugar rush! The finished soaps were able to be taken home too which makes them really appealing. So Soap DIY single kits are suitable for ages 8+ and retail at £4.99 which also makes them perfect party gifts.

SO Slime DIY

We received a fantastic range of Slime Shakers in both the more traditional pots as well as in the form of things such as a soda can and bubblegum machine. Each pack comes with the slime powder and confetti to add to your slime.

Regardless of what Slime Shaker you have, they are all made in the same way; empty the slime powder and confetti in to the shaker and add water up to the marked line. Securely fit the lid and shake away – but do make sure you hold on to the lid too, just in case it comes lose! After 30 seconds take the lid off and let the slime set for 5-10 minutes, we found that 10 minutes was perfect and they all set really well with no stickiness. All the children loved the shakers, there were so many different colours of slime and types of confetti that everyone ended up with something different. Just as with the soap, the children could take something home with them the next day which was great. The So Slime DIY Slime Shakers retail at £4.99 and can be found in all good toy shops.

We’ve found it harder as the children have got older to find fun but inexpensive ways to entertain them that aren’t too young for them. I feel like it’s a tricky market, especially when it comes to boys but these individual So DIY packs have been brilliant and they were thoroughly enjoyed all round!

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