REVIEW: So Sand DIY Sand Ball Kit from Canal Toys




What’s in the packet?

  • 3 bags of white sand
  • 3 bags of sand colouring
  • 3 bags of glitter
  • Sand cutter
  • Cutting guide
  • Sand mold
  • Ball carry case

To colour the sand you need to get a bag of the white sand, make a well in the middle of it and carefully pour a bag of the colouring in to the well you’ve made. Gently knead the sand so that the colour spreads evenly throughout, it’s a bit like kneading bread dough! We did one bag of sand each and it took about 3-4 minutes to mix all the colour in so you couldn’t see any white in the sand.

Once your sand is coloured you can add a bag of the glitter to it in the same way, it mixes in really quickly and in a couple of minutes, you’re ready to go!

The instructions show a few different ways in which you can mold your sand, we decided to try the layered look and started by taking a handful of the purple and laying it in a flat circle on the base of the ball, we layered each colour in turn on top of this one (see the pics for how we did it). Once all the layers were done we put the mold on top and pressed the sand in to it so it was all squeezed together as much as possible.

The cutting guide is a clever piece of kit which allows you to cut perfect lines through your sand every time, so we removed the mold and placed the cutting guide on top of the sand. The cutting tool glides effortlessly through the sand, we made cuts very close to each other and they worked so well, it really is incredibly satisfying!

Once you’ve cut through your sand to your hearts content, you can re-mold the sand and try some different style cuts! So Sand DIY also suggests using this as ASMR relaxation which means it is perfect for sensory play and as a calming tool for children as ASMR can be good for childhood anxiety. Adults will also find it equally relaxing and I had just as much fun testing it out as the kids did!

So Sand DIY Sand Ball Kit retails at around £13.00 and is available in all good toy shops.

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