REVIEW: So Glow DIY Magic Jar Kit 3-Pack


I knew these So Glow DIY jars would appeal to my mini reviewer as soon as I saw them! This Magic Jar Kit is a 3 pack from the So Glow DIY range which lets you create glowing and glittery jars that you can decorate. The box contains three plastic jars; inside each jar is a sheet of stickers and a silver packet which contains a bag or glitter, a bag of confetti, a bag of magic powder and a surprise character. To make the jars you first need to take the lid off, underneath the lid you will find a button which creates the glowing light; press this on and put it one side. Remove everything from the jar and fill it up with water to the line, from the silver bag add your special character, the glitter, the confetti and finally the magic powder. Once all the ingredients are in you can screw the lid back on to the jar and give it a shake.

The light in the lid softly glows and changes colour while everything inside moves around (a bit like it does in a snow globe). They do look really magical and if the light goes out you only need to give it a quick shake to make it come back on again.

The stickers can be used to decorate the outside of your jar and they have a clear backing so they blend in really well and help to create a scene on your jar. Once finished they look really good sitting on a windowsill or bookshelf. There are different jars to collect and in our pack we had ‘Chill’, ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Dream’. The So Glow range is aimed at ages of 6+ which I think is realistic as it means your child can do them by themselves, or with little just a little help. This set retails at £12.99 and you can buy from toy stores such as Argos and Smyths.

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