REVIEW: So Bomb DIY Vanity Case from Canal Toys

These are a real treat and a lovely gift for girls (and boys) to make for their mum. Packed in a lovely purple and green sparkly vanity case are 3 moulds, 5 sodium bicarbonate bags (in yellow, pale green, white, deep pink and light pink), 5 So Bomb powder bags, a decoration bag, a mini pipette and 3 surprise figures. Of course, there’s a detailed instruction sheet too. Everything you need is included, so no hunting around for bits and pieces. There’s plenty of opportunity for creativity in designing the five fizzy Bath Bombs, so each one will be unique. Everything stores neatly in the vanity case, which will also be very handy to use afterwards. The instructions come in five languages, so children might need some adult help in following these as the font is not very clear (I actually wrote them out for easier use, so there was no problem). Having said that, the instructions are really easy to follow and once you have made one, it all falls into place really easily.

Each bath bomb will be unique, allowing plenty of creativity, as there are lots of colourful stickers to decorate them. An especially nice touch comes with the three little plastic models included which are a surprise element once the bomb has finished fizzing; there are ‘hundreds and thousands’ too, so the final effect is really pretty. Enterprising parents will make sure they explain the chemical reaction that takes place, turning the project into a mini chemistry lesson. It’s really fun to do and, even better, there’s a lovely relaxing bath to look forward to at the end of it – a craft with a really good purpose. They fizz beautifully and add a real luxury feel to a bath!

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