REVIEW: Snow White Puzzle Game from Smart Games

We love Smart Games in our family – they come out over and over again. This single player game is suitable for ages 4 to 7 and offers 48 multi-level challenges; it’s great that the game is designed for younger players, as they will have such fun, while developing essential key skills.  Can you help the seven dwarfs find Snow White?  There are two different formats – 24 challenges each from the interior and the exterior of the house which progress in difficulty, giving children a real sense of accomplishment.

The game includes a colourful 3D dwarf house plus Snow White, the Wicked Queen and the seven dwarfs; these are all beautifully made and very satisfying to play with. To play the game, find the correct position for each character, then open the doors and windows to the colourful dwarf house to see if you are correct; the levels are all shown in the instruction booklet. The fun is limitless with this enchanting game.

Added value is provided by the picture book included, which tells the story through pictures, encouraging children to add their own words., thereby developing speaking and story-telling skills.  The game helps develop spatial awareness, problem solving, thinking and logic skills. Even though Smart Games are single player games, for those who like a competitive element, the opportunity to see who can progress most quickly through the levels is irresistible! Great fun with loads of educational value. You can buy direct from Smart Games here.

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