REVIEW: Snact: Delicious Fruit Snacks

Parents in Touch recently received a great box of snacks from Snact; they aim to help combat food waste by using fruit that was due to be thrown away and using it to make delicious snack bars and fruit jerky. I was looking forward to trying these out as I think the idea behind them is brilliant. I hate food waste and it is shocking how much ‘good food’ is simply thrown out each day that is still perfectly edible.

Snact have been making deliciously sustainable snacks to tackle food waste since 2013. Every day in the UK we throw out tonnes of perfectly good fruit. Snact saves surplus fruit and turns it in to tasty snacks. All snacks are packaged in fully home compostable wrappers to ensure that their packaging matched their ethos of creating less waste.

We received three different snack bars to try and a pack of fruit jerky:

Apple & Cinnamon Kick Banana Bar – You can taste each of the flavours in this bar, I love the combination of cinnamon and apple and the banana flavour is very subtle.You can see from the ingredients just what you are eating: Dried banana, gluten free wholegrain oat flakes, pumpkin seeds, dried apple powder, pecan nuts, apple fibre and ground cinnamon.

Beetroot & Cacao Blast Banana Bar – This was my favourite of the 3 bars we tried, it had a great flavour and the texture was soft and a little nutty.

Carrot & Spice Boost Banana Bar – Another very tasty bar, a few more spices going on here including nutmeg and ginger, along with some coconut.

Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky – These are a great snack and each pack saves an apple! They are made from 80% whole apples and 20% raspberry puree.

Snact says that each bar saves a banana from going to waste, they are vegan, gluten free, part of your 5 a day, they have no added sugar, no additives or preservatives and they have compostable packaging.

We througly enjoyed trying these bars out, it is good to know that what you are eating is helping to tackle a food waste problem and the fact that the packaging is compostable too is a big bonus. Snact bars can be purchased directly from the Snact website. Find out more about them on Twitter and Facebook.

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