REVIEW: Smooshy Mushy Series 3 Creamery Core Pet

Series 3 of Bandai’s Smooshy Mushy collection has all new characters within their ice-cream cone packaging ready to be discovered! Following on from the food themes of Series 1 and Series 2, the third series follows the trend with the ‘Creamery Core’ characters which increases the collectability of the Smooshy Mushy range.

Each toy has a hard plastic ice-cream cone shell, the ice-cream part unscrews from the cone part to reveal the characters and accessories inside. As soon as we opened these up we were hit with the lovely scent that came from the squishy character hiding in the top! The one we are reviewing is a cute penguin! In the rest of the cone we found a bag with a surprise ‘Bestie’ for our penguin (a pink sundae), a name tag, a sticker with an image of our character on, a mini ice-cream cone with 2 chains inside and an illustrated leaflet showing you the name of the character you have. On the back of the leaflet it shows you how to make an origami shape. The 2 chains found inside the mini ice-cream cone can be used to make your ‘bestie’ in to a keyring and one can be attached to the name tag.

I love that way that it all stores neatly inside the ice-cream cone, and that the lid screws on so nothing falls out. The cone also stands by itself and they will look great standing next to each other if you collect more than one! There are 8 characters to collect in this series, ours was Peggy Penguin and Sunny Sundae!

Smooshy Mushy Series 3 Creamery Core Pets are aimed at ages 4 and over, these have been a big hit with my mini reviewer, she is 5 years old and loved opening up the ice-cream cone to find out what goodies were hiding inside! These are really addictive and they are bound to be very popular with girls in this age range. The toys currently retail for £10.00 and can be found at The Entertainer.

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