REVIEW: SmartLab Smartphone Science Lab

This is a great product which can be used with any smartphone or tablet with camera; it would make excellent use of a redundant phone! There are 20 varied experiments to test out on smartphone or tablet and it includes a clip on high powered microscope. Children are endlessly fascinated by microscopic images, so this is a good and inexpensive way to let them experiment; there is a slide included with three specimens.

The 24 page full colour book is packed with ideas which include under the microscope, optical explorations and sound experiments, each with a range of suggestions, clearly explained and illustrated. The scientific principles behind the activities are explained, providing a good practical background for KS2 science. Then, of course, having tried the ideas, children will be stimulated to develop their own ideas. A really good feature is that the images are stored straight onto the device, so children can refer back to them.

As well as the book, the kit includes a Universal smartphone / tablet mount, a microscope, four filters and a filter adaptor, a specimen slide and a neat tidy carrying case. Simple to use, this is a fun educational toy which will encourage scientific investigations.

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