REVIEW: Smart Games – Squirrels Go Nuts!

As a family, we love Smart Games, and adults vie with children to be the first to play. They offer a challenge to all ages with the progressive increase in difficulty levels – Squirrels Go Nuts! offers 60 challenges from starter, junior, expert, master and finally wizard.

Winter is on the way and it’s time for the squirrels to stock up on nuts for the harsh days ahead. Slide the four adorable squirrels around on the board and hide their acorns underground. Setting up the game is simple – just place the squirrels and acorns on the game board as shown in the challenges in the colourful instruction book. Then you slide the squirrels horizontally and vertically around the game board, dropping all the acorns into holes; the puzzle is solved when each of the squirrels have dropped its acorn into a hole. If you are really, really stuck, visual solutions are included – but don’t give up too soon and spoil the fun as it’s surprising how returning to the board after a few minutes break can suddenly reveal the solution to you.

Planning, logical skills, problem solving, concentration and spatial awareness – so many skills are developed by this superb game. It’s ideal for playing on the go, as the puzzle pieces sit inside the base, which has a secure plastic lid. Watch a video here.  Another sure-fire winner which will provide many challenging and enjoyable hours for all ages.

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