REVIEW: Smart Games Cube Puzzler Go

Another stimulating game from the ingenious people at Smart Games. And it’s another one that’s perfect for families on the go, with all the pieces neatly stacking into the cleverly designed portable case that expands to create the game board. Recommended for 8+ to adult,  the challenge is to build a cube from the seven brightly coloured puzzle pieces. This is an eye-catching  puzzle game that will test and extends spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and planning skills. With 80 multi-level challenges – starter, expert, master and wizard, there really is plenty for all ages. Every challenge is set out in the enclosed instruction book and solutions are included if you really get stuck. Another beautifully made game that will give hours of pleasure – leave it out on the coffee table and you can pretty well guarantee that people will pick it up and have a go!

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