REVIEW: Smart Games – Asteroid Escape

This is a great contrast in subject matter to the ‘Squirrels Go Nuts’ which is reviewed below and it’s great to see it will catch the eye of a different audience…although both games have universal appeal, of course. The challenge is to safely steer your spaceship through an asteroid field. Asteroid Escape is a galactic 3D sliding puzzle and there are 60 missions to be achieved, ranging between starter, junior, expert, master and wizard. This gradual building up of skills through 60 challenges is excellent, as players never feel too daunted by the challenges if they have progressed through the levels; it’s what makes the game suitable for such a wide age range too – age eight to adult.

To play, you place the eight puzzle pieces on the game board as illustrated in the instruction book, then slide the puzzle pieces around the board so that your spaceship can escape with no asteroids blocking the way or obstructing its wings; the 3D aspect of the pieces adds an extra challenge as some pieces cannot overlap. Problem solved when the spaceship can fly off the game board – the spaceship is the only piece that can fly off the board, due to the design of its base. Solutions are included which show the shortest possible route – see how you compare!

Smart Games are so beautifully manufactured and they are a real joy to play with. These one player games, so great for those who want a challenge but can’t find an opponent at that specific time. See a video on how to play here.  Smart Games are so well though out, from development to neat portable packaging. Another superb game which will be much played as skills develop – these skills include spatial awareness, forward thinking, visual perception and more. And it’s all great fun.

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