REVIEW: Slime Glam Slime Shaker by Canal Toys

This gorgeous looking set of slime shakers definitely brings a bit of glitz and glamour with its fun-looking beauty style pots. In this set of three, you get shakers shaped like a lipstick, nail varnish and a perfume bottle.

Each pot comes with the slime powder and some decoration, which is usually in the form of some colourful glitter that really makes the slime sparkle and shine. The slime is super easy to make:

  • Empty the slime powder in to the shaker pot
  • Add water up to the marked line
  • Mix for a few seconds
  • Place the lid on the shaker (make sure it’s secure!)
  • Shake for 30 seconds
  • Take the lid off and wait for 5 minutes for the slime to set
  • Remove the slime, add your decorations and you’re done!

The slime mixture works so well, the end product is a really stretchy and bouncy slime with no stickiness. Each slime has its own pot so you always have somewhere to put it once it’s finished and the whole process is completely mess-free which will really appeal to parents!

The Slime Glam Slime Shaker set from So Slime DIY retails at £10 and is available from all good toy shops.


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  • Simply brilliant looking too ! The “ice cream” and “cream milk” shakers make excellent additions to a My L:ittle Pony diorama.

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