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Slide Quest gets you working as a team to guide the knight through the kingdom to save it from the bad guys!

What’s in the box?

  • Board base
  • 4 x levers
  • 20 x different maps of increasing difficulty
  • A rolling knight
  • 1 x life counter
  • 1 x heart marker
  • 1 x game saver
  • 8 x obstacles (barriers, rocks and arches)
  • 9 x traps (dynamite, 4 numbered guards and a villain)

The base of the box cleverly converts in to the game board; place the 4 levers in the notches around the box and then place the board base in to the bottom of the box. There are 20 maps which have progressing levels of difficulty and are made up of 4 different worlds – The Coast, The Mountain, The Castle Grounds and The Castle. The maps are placed one at a time on to the base, they have a variety of holes in them, some will be so you can add the obstacles in and others are big enough for the knight to fall down.

The game piece is a sturdy blue knight who has a heavy silver ball instead of feet and this allows him to cleverly slide over the smooth surface of the maps as the players gently move their levers to get him to move in the right direction.

The aim of the game is to successfully guide the knight across the board, without him falling in to any traps or knocking over any dynamite. The levers move the game board around and this allows the knight to slide along. Each map has a path of light that you must follow to get the knight from the starting point to the end, the paths get more tricky as you go on with more obstacles and extra traps to avoid. The game can be played with between 2 – 4 players, if you are playing with 4 players then each person can use one of the levers to help guide the knight across the board. Some of the maps have different missions; you might have to push the guards in to the traps or use the dynamite to get on to the next map.

There are two game modes – Mini Quest and Grand Quest. To win the Mini Quest, players must help the knight cross over 5 maps that make up one world. The Coast is the easiest of the worlds and The Castle is the hardest to complete. If you really want a challenge then you can try and complete the Grand Quest in which you will need to cross all 20 maps. This is very tricky and we haven’t managed to complete this yet!

At the start of the game you can choose how many lives you get to play with (between 3 and 8) and the handy marker will help you keep track of how many you have used up. If you have started a game but need to stop, you can use the included ‘game saver’ which is a clever little device that allows you to select the level you were on and how many lives you had left.

The game ends in one of two ways:

  1. You and your team successfully complete the last map from the set that you have chosen to play, and you have at least one life left on the counter.
  2.  The game ends if you run out of lives. You can start again by playing from the beginning of the chosen game mode.

Slide Quest is unlike any game we have played before, one of the main differences is that it is a team game. There is not one sole winner, you either win as a team or lose as a team! The rolling knight is very clever and slides smoothly across the maps without jolting or running away. We have been playing this with 4 people (2 adults and 2 children of 7 &9) and this is a really good balance as the children needed a little bit of guidance as they learnt the best way to use the levers.

This is a fantastic game to play as a family and you want to encourage a bit of teamwork! We have played this a handful of times and have managed to complete two worlds, so it’s such a good one to keep coming back to and trying to improve your last score. It can take as little or as long as you like because you can save the game for later on. Everything is well made and of great quality, you can even play on your own if you want to test your skills or get a bit of practice in!

Slide Quest is suitable for 2-4 players of 7 and over and retails at around £19.99 and can be found in all good toys shops.

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