REVIEW: Skip Hop Reversible Play Mat – Little Travelers

Skip Hop are a wonderfully innovative producer of superbly stylish products for babies and young children – and their parents. If you haven’t got a young family, they will really make you wish you had! They make wonderful gifts, always superb quality and products that are functional, practical and superbly designed. This reversible playmat is no exception – as soon as I got it out of the packaging, I was thrilled with it. Perfect for today’s homes, when we never seem to have space for everything, this doubles the choices for stylish, baby-safe floor covering. During the day, children will love the colourful, child-friendly pattern; once the children are in bed, turn the mat over to the modern décor zigzag print. Completely PVC-free, the easy-care foam mat provides a jumbo-size cushioned play space that works equally well in the living room, bedroom or playroom. It’s really thick and provides a comfortable soft surface for playing and the generous size (2.18 m x 1.32 m x 1.27 cm) makes it ideal for those first toddler steps. It lies flat with no curling edges to be a hazard, and there’s plenty of room to have lots of toys out. Simply roll it up for convenient transport and storage (there’s a velcro strap to fasten it); on a practical note, it wipes clean easily and is a great way to protect your carpets. It’s comfortable for adults to sit on too! If you have laminate floors, the comfort, softness and warmth are a definite bonus.

The mat features a colourful (but not overly bright, making it a relaxing background) world map so children can see where all the continents are. It’s decorated with stylish images of friendly animals, transport, geographical features and dotted lines for children to track and follow with their own vehicles, on land and sea. It’s really stimulating, for babies up to older children, with plenty to talk about in the pictures. There are so many opportunities for imaginative play’ adding even more to the versatility of this super product. I think this would make a superb mat for grandparents to keep at their house – they can use it as a stylish mat and then flip it over when grandchildren come to play. A superb quality item, durable and well made with so many practical aspects – we highly recommend it! Buy yours direct from Skip Hop – and make sure you have a good browse around the rest of the site while you’re there!

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